Situated next to the Museum 4812  44 Avenue is the Centennial Hall. Built in celebration of Canada’s 100th Birthday in 1967, the building features a full service kitchen, a 8,000 square feet main hall that includes a stage and a smaller multi-purpose room known as the Culture Room. Also housed in the building is the library.

For more information including bookings and rates, contact Darryl, the Rec Manager, at 780-864-2020 or 780-864-9771

Centennial Hall Fees

Centennial Hall Day Rate: $275.00

Centennial Hall Hourly Rate: $50.00

Centennial Hall Service Group Rate : $175.00

Centennial Hall Multi Day – Friday Noon Till Sunday 3PM: $450.00

Additional Days: $100.00 per day

Centennial Hall Rental includes hall, kitchen, culture room, cooler and dishes/cutlery.

Kitchen Only Day Rate: $75.00

Kitchen Only Service Group Rate: $50.00

Culture Room Minimum 2 Hours Rate: $30.00

Culture Room after Minimum per Hour Rate: $15.00

Culture Room Maximum Rate: $ 75.00

Culture Room Service Group Rate: $25.00

Funeral per use: $100.00

Security Deposit Multi Day: $275.00

Security Deposit Day Use: $100.00

Centennial Hall Capacity – 300 Persons

Culture Room Capacity – 50 Persons