The Animal Control Bylaw Information will be updated weekly with more information regarding the Town of Spirit River's Animal Contol Bylaw.  The Town of Spirit River encourages all residents to check this article weekly for more information. 

As per Bylaw No. 899 "Animal Control Bylaw", 5.1 - An Owner whose Animal is At Large is guilty of an offence.  
As per Bylaw No. 899 "Animal Control Bylaw", 2.4 - "At Large" means any Animal that is present at any place other than the property of its Owner and which is not being carried by any person, or which is not otherwise restratined or under the physical control of a person by means of some form of Restraining Device securely holding the Animal.
As per Bylaw No. 899"Animal Control Bylaw", 3.1 - Every person who resides with the the borders of the Town and who is the Owner of a Dog or Cat that is over the age of six (6) months shall apply for a license as set out within this Section, by paying the applicable fee as set out on the Town Policy, and providing such information as may be required on the application form prepared by the Town Office.