This is the first of the monthly report that I will be preparing for circulation to the five Central Peace Councils, Physicians, Dentist and the Signal. It is provided to disseminate information through the community on the progress of construction of the building.

Southwest Design & Construction Ltd of Grande Prairie have been hired to build the new Central Peace Health Centre. Construction began August 2016 and the scheduled opening is for August 2017 to be followed by the demolition of the current clinic for final completion and paving of the parking lots and back alley to take place late August/September 2017. The building is currently about two weeks behind in construction.

Once the foundation was poured and the Q deck steel floor to support the concrete was installed the plan was originally to pour the concrete for the floor first but now the plan is progressing by the construction of the outside walls and roof to facilitate easier concrete pouring and heating of the interior floor. They did not stand any walls before Christmas as planned but started standing them January 3rd with a completed roof by late January as scheduled. They are anticipating making up some lost time as they proceed. The contractor has secured all of the wood from Rycroft Building supplies. A lot of the rough plumbing has been completed under the steel floor. They have moved the fill pile out of the parking lot for more room on the south side of the building.

The Physicians have asked if they could be better informed of the progress on the building; likely the community would like to be better informed of the progress of the building as well. The committee has considered a communication plan. I have started to take pictures of the progress from the same location so that they could possibly be made into a video of time lapsed progression from the foundation to completion. The Signal is going to do more stories on the building beginning January 10th with a picture and small byline. The Committee has recommended that a monthly coordinator report be written and sent to each council, physicians, dentist and the Signal to keep everyone informed and then we can work to have it on Facebook and Websites as well. This will help to dispel any of the rumors that are circulating.

Currently the building is under budget and two weeks behind schedule.

Respectfully submitted, Kelly Hudson Clinic Development Coordinator

January 13, 2017
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